May 28-2016 Mega Dinner Banquet- Africa Diaspora Unity Day- Purchase your Ticket by clicking "Donate" button.
May 28-2016 Mega Dinner Banquet- Africa Diaspora Unity Day- Purchase your Ticket by clicking "Donate" button.

Chairman's message

It is neither money nor organizations that lack to promote a social and economic development in the African continent. The continent counts a plethoric number of NGOs and trillions of dollars have been spent on the mainland; however, poverty, access to quality education, women social and economic empowerment always remains the challenges of our century. Most highly educated people are still leaving Africa and constitute what is so called “Brain drain.” Knowing that we cannot reinvent the wheel, the African Diaspora Coalition of North Carolina has come to the realization that action must be taken by the African Diaspora who must participate by consolidating their financial, technological and educational resources to impact the African continent and draw the benefit of such investment. We have to overcome the Diaspora- divide that wastes our potentialities so shall we change the “Brain-drain or brain-waste” reality to a “Brain-gain” fact to help the continent immerse in the global economy. We need to uphold values such as unity in the diversity of our culture, integrity, humility and honesty without which we will keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Our recent trip to South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo targeted the survey of opportunities and the building of trust and partnership with local stakeholders we are very satisfied with the outcome.

A South African proverb says, “We are who we are because of other people. 'Ubuntu ngumuntu ngabanye'”  we call upon African in the diaspora to engage in investment and entrepreneurship, volunteerism and donation to support ADCNC projects.

The African Diaspora comprises the first, second and third generation of African immigrants we invite all of us to be part of this noble mission.

Thank you and God bless you.

Kidibu Yabi Miki


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